Keep an eye on your business or property even when you are away. SAFE can install a surveillance system that utilizes the latest technology of cameras and recorders to meet your needs. These can record in HD quality and even see in the dark. NDAA and TIA compliant systems are available if needed. We can setup software on your phone or PC to view live video from one site or many at the same time. You can even view past recorded footage. We can record to the local NVR/DVR and/or record to the cloud. In many cases we can upgrade your old analog systems to HD utilizing your existing cabling. We also carry a variety of specialty cameras that move or follow (PTZ), 360-degree view cameras, license plate capture cameras, and cameras with audio. We can also have a central station monitor your cameras for you and call you when there is a disturbance. Another popular surveillance system we provide is a solar powered trailer perfect for construction sites or other outdoor temporary sites. The system is delivered, setup, programmed, and when your project is completed, we pack it up and take it away.

We partner with many of the best manufacturers including Uniview, Hanwha Wisenet, Hikvision, Pro-Vigil, Eagle Eye, Axis, Speco, and more.

Reduce Loss, Theft & Vandalism

SAFE uses the latest HD IP camera technology to give you the best view of your property.

Mobile Smartphone App

Easily view surveillance footage from your mobile device

Improve Productivity

Employees tend to work their best when they know they are being monitored.

Video Management Software

Professional software for loss prevention or monitoring of multiple sites at one station.

We're Proud of Our Partners

Safe Solutions works with our partners to ensure our customers have the latest technology available.

Make the safe choice

Providing complete security needs from fire and security alarms to access control and surveillance to data infrastructure. Serious security for your business.

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