Access control offers a secure, convenient, flexible and cost-effective way of controlling who has access to your building and when that access is allowed. Traditional locks and keys can incur high costs and security risks when keys are copied, lost or stolen. Access control, however, keeps you in control and offers a multitude of technological options as well. Units can be programmed to be as general or as specific as the client wants to be. They can grant access to specific doors at specific times and can restrict individuals as well as groups, all the while tracking the date and time stamps of everyone who entered the building. Access can be granted by keycards, fobs or pin numbers and some access control systems offer a phone app for on-the-go capability. The easy-to-use software can be hosted locally or in the cloud and can control one or many sites.

SAFE Solutions can install the proper electric door hardware (maglocks, strikes, crashbars) to work with your new access control system. We can also install a video intercom system and remotely allow access to a door from the push of a button. Access control systems easily integrate with existing gate systems as well. SAFE Solutions is a fire alarm certified company and can interface with the fire alarm to meet safety codes for free egress during an emergency.

We partner with Paxton, Brivo, HID, Aero,, Alarm Controls, HES, Altronix, and more.

Easy to use door management software

Our systems provide a simple user-friendly interface to control access to your building.

Secure doors from unwanted entry

Control who and when someone can enter your building.

We provide the hardware needed to secure your doors

From mag locks to electric strikes, SAFE has what you need.

Control existing gate systems

Add access to existing gate systems to better control access to and log who enters property.

We're Proud of Our Partners

Safe Solutions works with our partners to ensure our customers have the latest technology available.

Make the safe choice

Providing complete security needs from fire and security alarms to access control and surveillance to data infrastructure. Serious security for your business.

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